My Website

This is my live website. Im proud of my self as I’ve managed to get it all live on my own and pleased that I now have my own website online. Feel free to have a look round


So I’ve been looking around at possible domain names and sites. I attend a class as part of my pro con 3 that explained how to get our websites live. Mayo showed us the tools and programs that are available to get your site live. He also told us the Do’s and DONT’s of websites to get domains and hosting from. 

I got all mine from the site was easy to use and was pretty cheap to but the name and hosting for a year. I was a little annoyed at all the names I wanted have already been taken. But i did settle for my full name I was lucky enough to get a .com domain as I will hopefully be living in Australia for a number of years. 


When i first began to code my site i found it very difficult, I even went and bought a book (CSS for dummies) That just made me even of baffled by it all. I then managed to get my head around the whole idea of having a css page and html pages. My first attempt wasn’t successful and the site failed.   I created a CSS page for every category and handed it in thinking it was correct and worked.

After getting my mark back and getting a D I soon realised i messed up big time. I then seemed help from Jules who was more then helpful and told me how much i did it wrong. I then spent the next few hours and days re coding my site. 

I think I have coded it all properly now and will begin to getting it live.

My website

Ive been working on the designs for my website in photoshop, From the lessons I’ve been too i think my work seems to be going ok. Here are a few screen shotes of my site in photoshop. 

Web Design research

Here are a few designs of current webistes I have researched for making designing my website :

Slint: I love this websites minimal design and how the text overlays the image in the centre. The gird that is used is quite interesting, I like how the text says in the same place and only the image and description changes. The website isn’t in your face and is subtle by using shades of black and grey. I  think i would like a bit more colour added to my design.

I like how to navigate on the site you just scroll down to browse over their selection on work, I also like how slick and modern the design is and isn’t too in our face, the use of grey and black allows the well shot images of work to be the main focus.

This website is clever, when you first click on the link to the site the overall website appears in the centre of you screen in a small cube that spins into shot.  This is a nice way to start your website, but i would know how or where to even start to create that. 

 When you click onto links the site bounces and changes page like the website in one big cube and you turn it round to see the different faces that are the separate pages on the site.

 Here is a list of other sites I’ve been looking at. this one

Self Employment talk

This was the first of three talks from Robert about self employment, tax and national insurance.  Throughout the talk he discussed how to register as a self employed person, and you need to do this soon as you become self employed. He talked about all the DO’S and DONT’S of being self employed and gave us and insight of how we  out our allowable expenses. This is a list of the many ways we can claim tax relief on…….rental costs, agents fees/commission, secretarial assistance, traveling, phone bills/fax/broadband, printing, postage, stationary, photocopying, software, theatre/cinema/music tickets (WIN), reference books, DVDs, newspapers, journals, courses/conferences, bank charges, accountancy fees.

Robert highlighted the best way to fill in you tax forms and that you should try and keep all records of everything you’ve bought/spent money on including receipts/bank statements etc. These should all be kept together in one place, and we should possibly in separate envelopes from each month, this is so it is easier to work to find your records of spending. Robert also mentioned about creating a  number of separate bank accounts, business, savings, and personal. This is so you can keep control of what you are spending on what, and with online banking its making it so much easier to transfer money and things so its easy to keep moving money to were you need it.

After this talk I came away thinking freelance wasn’t for me. I couldn’t think of anything worse than being self employed and having to worry about tax and not only the stress of sorting that out the stress of not knowing when your next pay check would come.

Photoshop/Photo Retouching class

I attended the Photoshop/Photo Retouching class, which was one of the best classes I’ve attended whilst at uni. It was pretty annoying that we didn’t get taught this in first year.  I’m pretty confident in Photoshop but I didn’t really know a lot about how to retouch images. Although we worked on photographs of fashion models, the skills are applicable to all types of photos including things like landscapes. The tools that we mostly used to edit these images were the patch tool - to cover any imperfections, the dodge tool - to lighten areas, the burn tool- to darken areas and liquify – to change small areas of the image.  This class was very interesting and I can use these tips on other kinds of photography so retouching is a useful skill to have.  I have attached the images I changed retouched below.

Dissertation Feedback

My first and only dissertation feedback was an eye opener, I’ve had a lot of problems with sorting out tutors for my dissertation and being messed around a lot. Tash helped me out loads with getting me a meeting, but as I’ve had no support, as you can tell my dissertation wasn’t the best. I had a meeting booked for 9:15 but it wasn’t until gone 10:30 until she arrived at uni and began to see people. I found this very unprofessional, as we wasn’t told why we waited or even offered an apology for hanging around. I sat down to a tutor that didn’t even sound like he cared that I’ve been messed around and basically slated my essay. She didn’t really help me out and kind of rushed through me. So I had a talk with other students who helped me out much more than she did or any of the other tutors doing the dissertation tutorials.

Since then I’ve worked very hard on it and I hope my hard work paid off.

Goody Bag Day!!


We went to hand out goody bags to industry ahead of the DNA Salford Carnival event. Lizzie and I were a team together and were given 5 agencies in the Salford Quays area to visit. The agencies were dotted all over the quays so we spent most of the day walking around in circles, it felt like we walked miles. The locations of the agencies seemed to be inside large office towers, which meant going past security and reception to even get close to the agency office.

We only got as far as the front desk of the building that houses Let’s Go Global, the receptionist rang through but they just wanted us to leave the bag with her. We had a little bit more luck at Red C, we made it past the main desk and into Red C’s office but got stuck at their reception!


Even though Gyro weren’t on the list,  we made a detour to their office as Lizzie did a placement there last year and they’ve attended DNA events. We also visited Carbon Creative but their offices were all shuttered up and we wasn’t too sure if we were in the right location.

We kind of gave up on having the door shut on us, so we met up with a good friend who works in the BBC office in media city and managed to get ourselves into the main offices. We had a mini-tour of two of the buildings and left a goody bag in one of the offices so hopefully we’ll have some moustache photos from them soon.